Dripping with star appeal

YOUR Friday nights are about to take on a whole new shine with Absolut Uncover, the eponymous vodka maker's latest limited edition bottle, featuring an interactive design that makes popping open an Absolut part of the fun.

Absolut Uncover was unveiled at a Midnight Glam-themed party, with plenty of dancing and blue, glowing balloons in the shape of the bottle.

The exclusive new design on the bottle is inspired by the shimmering night sky and is apparent not only on the iconic glass bottle itself, but also on the outside.

The bottle comes with a night-sky blue wrapper, decorated with a galaxy of silver and blue dots, which make unwrapping a bottle of Absolut Uncover feel like unwrapping a gift.

Absolut global communications director Gaia Gilardini said: “We would like to inspire you to shine with a bottle that can be the perfect gift to any party or celebration, as it can be unwrapped like a present.”

Besides the glitzy new bottle design, Absolut has also come up with four signature concoctions – Absolute Soda, Spicy Absolut Mule, Absolut Winter Drop, and Salty Sea Breeze – to highlight unexpected ingredients in the drinks.

Absolut Soda is made with refreshing elements of lime, cucumber, and mint, while the Spicy Absolut Mule is a play on the typical ginger beer recipe with a dash of green hot sauce.

Just like the name suggests, the Absolut Winter Drop features comforting flavours of citrussy Triple Sec and lemon, in a cinnamon and sugar-rimmed shot glass.

And the Salty Sea Breeze – made with two parts of Absolut Vodka, one part grapefruit juice, and three parts cranberry juice – serves as a delicious drink to enjoy on the beach under a blanket of twinkling stars.

For more shimmery celebrations of the limited edition Absolut Uncover, visit the Absolut Malaysia Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. – Marion Fernando

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